DOS xcopy

Copying your hard drive to another in DOS is very easy.
I will list the syntax and needed switches just for reference.

xcopy [source] [destination] /S /E

xcopy Program used to copy.
/S Copies all files and subdirectory in current directory.
/E Copies subdirectories, even if they are empty.
If you use the /E you must use the /S

Example xcopy c:\ d:\ /s /e

I am assuming that your drive letters are the same as I am using. If not just substitute your letters for the source and destination.

It is hard to see the spaces in the command so here is where they are.

1. Boot your computer to a DOS prompt.

2. Type in xcopy c:\ d:\ /s /e and hit enter.

3. That is it. Be sure to test your new drive before you wipe out the data on it.













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